Why go for a mobile responsive website?

How often have you cursed when you have to squint to go through a website on your mobile! How often have you exercised your fingers in order to get a proper glimpse of your website on a device apart from your desktop! Or how disgusted might you have been when the images and content get disrupted when you visit a website from your mobile! In these tech savvy times with the advent of smartphones and tabs customers have gotten accustomed to ease of access; from pizzas to padlocks, they want everything at their fingertips – at a swipe or tap of their fingers. There’s no denying the dire need of businesses to cater to this particular consumer behavior.

As a business it is expected, if not assumed, that you have an engaging website to draw traffic to it. But at the same time you can’t expect your customers to be in front of a desktop computer when you want them to. So the idea is to facilitate access to your website in every possible way. Mobile commerce in India is growing rapidly, at a CAGR of 71% percent and out of all online shopping queries in India, 30% come from mobile phones. So you need to make sure that when a customer goes through your website he has ease of navigation, the content you have put up is legible and also that the customer needn’t zoom or pan or resize the screen numerous times before digesting information about your offerings irrespective of what device he uses to visit your website.

This is where a mobile responsive website is instrumental not only to give a great experience to your audience but also to drive sales and revenue upwards. So you can go about having a custom mobile responsive website from scratch or if you already have a website you can simply have it up graded to a mobile responsive one. If you are bothered by the costs of the same, let your fears be allayed; the costs of having a mobile responsive website are phenomenally low; be it time or money. In fact these are alternative to mobile apps which are usually a costly affair. So, at the cost of a mobile responsive website you can actually broaden the spectrum of your customer base and the target audience.

What needs to be understood is that a lot of business sense goes behind creating a mobile responsive website. With the majority of customers shifting to a mobile or rather a smartphone experience, you have every possibility of roping them in as your own at a low cost. A responsive website will help you walk that extra mile in increasing customer loyalty and engagement. After all, the fact is people are looking for what you have to offer; you just have to be there in every device under the sun when they do so.


One thought on “Why go for a mobile responsive website?

  1. Yes a mobile responsive website is necessary as mobile grows more and more popular, websites must adapt to change to increasing customer loyalty and engagement.


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